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Chrysler CD8 Sport Roadster 1931 ” Le Mans “

1931 Chrysler CD8 Roadster

Lijn 8 cilinder motor

Zeer bijzondere auto, 1 van slechts 511 stuks geproduceerd

De 1931 Chrysler CD8 Roadster was een “Le Mans” deelnemer

Fraai “low Line” design

Deze unieke Chrysler is in een mooie “Drivers Condition” met een prachtig patina

Loopt en rijdt geweldig.

De auto is recent getaxeerd, taxatierapport met een vervangingswaarde van 110.000 euro aanwezig

With the USA in the midst of a severe economic depression in 1931 , it is quite amazing that a car this stunningly beautiful should emerge. Car styling was just then coming into vogue; and without a doubt, the Chrysler CD Eight was a style leader of that era. Patterned after the renowned L-29 Cord, Chrysler used a heavy chromed, pointed, V-type radiator shell, an extremely long hood, broadly sweeping fenders and a low slanted windshield. The combination of these design features resulted in what was then described as the most beautiful Chrysler ever built. In production for just six months, (only 511 were ever built), this was a limited production car. Today, the Chrysler CD 8 Roadster is extremely rare and considered by many to be an object of art.

1931 89900
Brandstof: Benzine
Kleur: Rood
Kenteken: NL
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